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The emails posted on this website are not manipulated in any way and are not meant to be defaming.
They are only posted for my own protection because bringing those threats to the public makes it harder to fulfill them.
The offered files were released under the GNU Public License, this means it is totally legal to offer them for download.

Sveasoft WRT54G & WRT54GS Firmware Download

Welcome to my download page of Sveasoft's firmwares for WRT54G.

If you want to know more about Sveasoft, read my Slashdot Journal where I will post news and links to other mirrors.
Also check out the news archive at the end of the page.

The background story

As you might know, Linksys released the source code of the WRT54G firmware under GPL a while ago. Sveasoft (as well as other projects like WiFi-Box) took this code, added some features and patches and released an improved version of the firmware.
This worked fine until one day, Sveasoft decided to close their firmware from public access and to charge 20$ from anyone who would want to download the code.
So far so good, however since the GPL allows free redistribution of the obtained program (in this case firmware), one of their customers decided to put the firmware binaries on a P2P network, making them available for everyone.
I don't know who this person is, but I thank him for his kindness and in order to help people out, I decided to mirror those files on this website.

When Sveasoft figured out about the P2P versions, they posted an announcement stating they would be manipulated, corrupt your router's memory or even contain backdoors.
To me, this was obviously a FUD strategy (fear, uncertainty and doubt) so I tried using those versions and they work just fine for me.
My believe about FUD was confirmed when Sveasoft started deleting posts asking for (or containing) checksums of the firmware. Why wouldn't they provide checksums if their intend was to protect their users (paying or not) and the good name of their firmware?
The only obvious answer is: those versions are identical to the ones released by Sveasoft, there probably has never been a manipulated version of their firmware on P2P.
For more details about Sveasoft's FUD tactics, go down to Reading pleasure, it's a good read!

So I decided to mirror copies of the firmware here...

Enough explanations, here is the latest beta firmware. Help others by sharing it on your favorite P2P network! Enjoy:

Firmware Name/Link   Comments (ed2k link) Latest free version of Talisman for WRT54Gv2 and later - no MAC limit - by unknown release group (ed2k link) Latest free version of Talisman for WRT54GS - no MAC limit - by unknown release group (ed2k link) First free version of Talisman for WRT54Gv2 and later - no MAC limit - by unknown release group (ed2k link) First free version of Talisman for WRT54GS - no MAC limit - by unknown release group (ed2k link) "Final" and public version of Alchemy (ed2k link) Seventh Alchemy release candidate, labeled pre7a since RC7 sounds a little embarassing (ed2k link) Fifth official Sveasoft release candidate for the upcoming public release (ed2k link) Many post-6rc1 bugfixes, bridged/routed client mode, Chillispot, IPv6, radvd (ed2k link) Post-pre5.4 bugfixes, bridged/routed client mode, Chillispot, IPv6, radvd (ed2k link) Feature Freeze Release, nearly bug free (ed2k link) Many improvements over pre5.3: bugfixes,Chillispot,IPv6,radvd (ed2k link) Very few bugs, enable firewall! (ed2k link) Only minor bugs (ed2k link) Buggy (ed2k link) NOT WORKING on WRT54G v1.0
Sveasoft_Alchemy_Manual_V0.1.pdf (ed2k link) Public draft of Sveasofts manual for Alchemy firmware releases
Sveasoft_WRT54G_Firmware_Guide_old.pdf (ed2k link) PDF Version of the guide at
Source Code (ed2k link) (ed2k link) (ed2k link) (ed2k link) (ed2k link) (ed2k link) (ed2k link) (ed2k link)  

If you need help visit the inofficial WRT54G forum.
The motto is help and get helped, this community is in desperate need of a non-censored meeting place.
Also drop me an email to if you can supply me with later versions (including source code if available) of Sveasoft's firmware.

If you need real support or if you don't trust me, you should consider paying the 20$ to Sveasoft.
This will get you comprehensive customer support forum and direct access to the pre-releases.

Some notes on the Sveasoft "P2P war":

Some funny sveasoft customers are posting fake firmware files on the eDonkey network and probably other P2P systems.
They contain a JPG which you can see here.
I would like to comment on their nonsense: Sveasoft's Firmware is under GPL, this means it is totally okay to distribute it and to download a distributed copy. Given the nature of the GPL, there is no such thing as "a pirated version of Sveasoft pre-release firmware".
The 20$ you (=funny sveasoft customers) payed entitle you for a full year of support and direct access to the software. You could as well get a binary from someone who downloaded it from Sveasoft, it would be equally legal.
However this wouldn't give you the premium support you badly need (because you're too dumb to understand that GPL'ed software can't be "pirated").
Just because you do, that doesn't mean everyone in the world does so don't push your choice (paying 20$ for support) on other people.

Oh and about your FUD: Personally I doubt that anyone of you "pissed-off subscribers" has the skill to modify and recompile the source code.
If you pay for free software and get mad when you realize you could have gotten it for free, that's just plain stupid.
Even if you should be capable of doing it, it would be a crime in most if not all countries of the world.
Besides it would ruin the good name of the Sveasoft firmware and I highly doubt that Sveasoft is okay with those modifications, should they exist.
So in conclusion I suggest you quit whining and start acting like grown-ups. Thanks.

Reading pleasure: conversation with James Ewing from Sveasoft

James Ewing from Sveasoft emailed me shortly after I created this website.
We had a very nice conversation which I will post here for your reading pleasure and so everyone learns more about his style.
Apparently he has nothing against it because he didn't say otherwise (see his last emails):

Email 1 from James (note: he signed with Sveasoft but all emails came from

Hi Andreas
I really loved the shots of your wireless links and the GPS coordinates. 

This stuff isn't exactly legal in Austria, is it? Guess I have to do my duty and report it to the proper authorities. Sorry :-)


My reply to Email 1:

Hello James (may I call you James?)
I am glad you liked my photos, however I would prefer
if you would not report me. This could get me into
trouble and you certainly wouldn't want that. Also you
wouldn't have the information you need to report me.
Just out of curiousity: how did you find out my name?
Yours faithfully, Andy

Email 2 from James:

If all copies of Alchemy you have placed on the net are removed within 
hours I will drop this.

If not you will become my new full time hobby. Your choice.


My reply to Email 2:

Hello again,
you didn't answer the question about my real name. I'd
really like to know how you linked me to it.
I don't see why you would want me to remove the
firmware from my page. It is under GPL so why can't I
distibute it? I know I the source code is not
available from the page itself, that is because the
webspace is not big enough. Do you want me to post it
as well?
Regards, Andy

Email 3 from James:

Ok, your choice. Let's have some fun now.

This was followed by Email 4 from James, containing a picture of a group of people, apparently with that Andy guy he keeps confusing me with.

My reply to Email 3 and 4:

Ok it has been fun while it lasted. Before you blame
someone else for what I did: my name is not Andreas,
nor am I on that photo. I was playin with you and
tried leaving you on the wrong track :)
I don't know where you got that photo, I certainly
don't know about any wireless links you are talking
about and I certainly don't live in Austria.
Of course you're gonna reply "now that I got you
you're making excuses", however this is not the case.
I am writing this email so that you don't attack
someone else about this.
Also I have to admit that you reacted very childish
IMHO, threatening me instead of asking nicely to
remove the firmware. Which I wouldn't have done by the
way, but that's not the point.
So go chase after your scapegoat if you like, it won't
be my fault because I told you that he!=me.
You'll never find out who I am. Even if you would, I
have nothing to hide. I just don't want some crazy
developer chase after me just because he's not fine
with the terms of the GPL. Which is why I post and
will continue posting anonymously and through proxies.
Regards, Anne

Email 5 from James:

Then I have a new hobby :-)

You really should do some background research on who you are fucking 
with. I
will eventually find out exactly who you are and where you live and 
we're gonna have some real fun.

My reply to Email 5:

Ok lets talk straight: why the hell are you
threatening me over something as trivial as this?
Don't you have other hobbies? Also do you realize that
threats like this aren't taken easily by law
inforcement? I have not done you ANY harm, I have not
done ANYTHING illegal and I certainly don't deserve
the hate you show against me.
I am one of your customers and I enjoy your firmware a
lot, so much that I want to share it with others. Also
I convinced quite a few people to buy your
subscription so I don't see what you are so mad about.
Get a life! One that doesn't have its best moments
when you threaten some guy over the internet that
posts some binaries of yours.

Email 6 from James:

Well then if I were you I would scamper off and remove any copies of my
firmware right quick now.

I enjoy tracking down scumbags and giving them what they deserve. I 
used to
get paid for it before I changed careers and started a family.

My reply to Email 6:

Yeah right that's what you behave like :)
Those copies are on P2P anyways, get over it.
Also I believe you are the scumbag here, since you
threaten a normal law obeding citicen.
I am shivering. Let's make a deal: the day you can
tell me my real name, I will remove the website.
This way you can have your fun investigating, I don't
have to worry about some crazy developer going after
me, you won't have to write threat emails that could
get you and your company in a difficult legal
And you save the money you'd have to spend for that
professional killer =) Or the trip around the world if
you'd want to do it yourself.
Think about it ;)
Regards, Anne

Email 7a from James:

I live in Europe - short trip.

Email 7b from James:

Aha - Northern Germany.

Getting close now :-)

My reply to Email 7:

OMG I just hired some bodyguards. NOT. I didn't expect
this to be so entertaining =D
Greetings from Northern Germany.
Guten Tag von Heinz the German

Email 8 from James:

Norderstedt suburb. Cool.

My reply to Email 8:

It's not a small suburb. You'll have to be more
specific :) I'll let my full adress count as well.

Email 9 from James:

Nah, you will meet me in person.

No more emails. This is personal now.

My reply to Email 9:

Ok that's fine with me. Drop me a message so I'll be
at home. Will be my pleasure to meet you.
Can I still expect you today? Tomorrow would be
convenient for me as well, not saturday and on sunday
only after church.
Looking forward to meet you,

My second reply to Email 9 (Subj: "One more thing"):

Hello James,
I wanted to ask you for permission to post our emails
publicly. I expect you have no problem with this.
Regards, Heinz

Email 10 from James:

What makes you think this is James?

My reply to Email 10:

Oh, James is already on his way to me? Great I will
just assume that he's okay with me posting this
conversation. He seemed to be pretty self-confident so
he'll probably be happy about being part of this sweet
piece of entertainment :)
Regards, Heinz

That's it, I didn't get any more replies yet unfortunately.
They did not prohibit me to post these emails although I explicitly asked. Which is why they are posted here.

Sveasoft's way of telling the story

Here is the last email I received from Yahoo-Abuse.
They were nice enough to attach the original message so you can read what Sveasoft had to say about our conversation.
Following this defamation banned my email account and prevented my visitors from requesting the source code.

Dear Yahoo;

The email account is being used 
to publish URL's to pirated versions 
of our software. This person is also 
using the account to send threatening 
emails to some of our customers. This 
is a matter we take very seriously and 
respectfully ask your help in ending 
this abuse.


James Ewing
Sveasoft Inc.

The harassment continues...
Sveasoft posted on the following statement:

An individual is distributing binaries of Sveasoft firmware via a web site that also includes several pages of text designed to defame Sveasoft and our work. 

1) This individual has never subscribed or contributed to Sveasoft hence has never had the ability to download firmware from us to the best of our knowledge.

2) To the best of our knowledge no subscriber has knowingly or willingly distributed our firmware to this individual.

3) Due to 1 & 2 it is likely that this firmware is either not from Sveasoft or that it has been taken from someone's machine without their consent.

4) This firmware is distributed without source code in violation of the GPL.

5) The statements and text on the website are designed to defame Sveasoft and are there for no other reason than to dirty our reputation.

6) We have contacted several authorities but have been told in each instance they are powerless to stop this kind of behavior. 
Should anyone know who this individual is please contact your local authorities and report them.

Here's my reply which was deleted shortly after I posted it.
However thanks to for removing Sveasoft's accusations from their site, looks like I misjudged you.

Hello community.
I am that individual. I created and maintain , the website Sveasoft is speaking about. And I feel I need to reply to all those lies. 
Let me do this step by step:
1) True, except for the contribution part.

2) Wrong and a lie. There has been at least one ocasion that one customer has released Alchemy 5.1 and it can be found at
You can tell that Sveasoft is aware of that from them first calling me Andreas and sending me a picture of that guy. Read my website for details.

3) Wrong and wrong. This file IS from Sveasoft and they know it. 
I would think a developer could use md5sum on two files to compare them and my file is 100% legit. 
As for how I obtained it: it was released to eDonkey network and that's where I got it. 
Later I downloaded Andreas'es "release" to compare and both files are identical.

4) True. Unfortunately the source code is not on eDonkey and therefore I break this part of the GPL. 
There's nothing I can do about that in the moment but I still feel my actions are more in the spirit
 of the GPL then Sveasofts (as I am only using my GPL given right to redistribute that Sveasoft CAN NOT take from me). 
I would happily publish the source as soon as I get my hands on it. 
Also you can request it from me but you will find out my yahoo email account has been deleted due to Sveasoft's defamations 
(see my website, they claimed I had threaten their customers - not true and quite ironic given the threats they made to me.)

5) Wrong! Those statements were made by and every single one was received just as it is. 
I did not even correct typos. I even asked if I could publish them but they didn't reply so I went ahead.
My statements are there because I want everyone to know the truth about James's opinion of the GPL, 
with threatening people who actually pass on the files they are legally allowed to pass on. 
Someone has to stand up against this FUD. That someone is me.

6) True. You have defamated me at yahoo and claimed I was sending threats to your customers while I never send ANY mails
 to a different adress then and even then I ONLY replied to james's initial mails. 
Again see my website for details. If Sveasoft hadn't made those threats 
(Quote: I will eventually find out exactly who you are and where you live and then we're gonna have some real fun.) 
I would have posted my real name. What I do is not illegal (except for the src part maybe) and it is certainly not wrong.

So PLEASE read my website, that's not made up that's exactly what was in my inbox a few days ago.
It's an insult how Sveasoft manages to twist the truth and to lie to the entire community like that.

Oh and note that I had absolutely NOTHING to do with any DOS attacks or hacks. 
I obtain my files via P2P or WWW from subscribers who give a s*it about Sveasoft's FUD.

In conclusion: read my site and make your own opinion about James. 
Posting those emails just shows the truth about James. 
If that's defamation to him, he really should reconsider how he treats other people and what he writes in his emails.

Kind regards, knowing that this post will be deleted shortly because are heavily censoring "wrong" opinions,
the "individual"
They also posted those accusations on where they were followed by a very long discussion. A good read, has some details about the tagging and other users experience's with James.

Links to other WRT54G-related sites

Independent WRT54G Forum (I try to answer questions there)
My slashdot journal - stay up to date about firmware versions and mirrors
Another critical Slashdot journal about Sveasofts tactics
Rustam's Sveasoft Firmware Mirror
Former subscriber whos subscription got canceled for posting MD5sums
Thread about Sveasoft's tactics and accusations at EWRT - a fork from a rather old version (Samadhi2) of Sveasoft's firmware
Newbroadcom Sourceforge Project - a fork from Sveasoft Alchemy
OpenWRT - a minimal linux firmware for WRT54G with support for add-ons
Wifi-Box - a firmware forked directly from Linksys

News Archive

News 09-12-2004 (future news will be in my Slashdot Journal):
James Ewing did it again: he phoned/emailed the hosting company of and claimed that Nick (owner of the domain) was hosting illegal copies of Sveasoft firmware.
Which, as we know, isn't true since the software is under GPL. However the company doesn't seem to have heard the word GPL yet, let alone understood what it means so they reacted by taking the (entire!) domain offline.
I hope Nick will get his domain back up shorty he just didn't have the time to take care of this issue yet.
As a reaction to James' dirty scare tactics I opened a Slashdot Journal where I will post news and links to mirrors from now on.

News 08-03-2004
A lot of people asked for Alchemy 5.2.x. I did not release it at first for multiple reasons:
1) It's buggy as hell. My source told me that 5.2 turned plenty WRT54G's into bricks or at least required a TFTP flash back to older firmwares.
2) The latest bugfix-releases 5.2.1 and 5.2.2 work but don't offer PPPoE support. Releasing them is pointless IMHO as PPPoE is a must for many DSL users.
3) Tagging. Sveasoft's files are tagged in order to identify who is leaking. This makes it harder for me because I don't want to give away my sources.
I finally found a solution to this: Today I present you a fork made by "Reformed", offering working PPPoE on a code base of Sveasoft's Alchemy 5.2.2 CVS.
Thanks to my supplier and of course to Reformed for this nice build! Oh and the source code isn't available because Sveasoft is delaying its release on purpose. Yet another GPL violation.

News 08-10-2004
If you are wondering when a new release will come out, here's what an "inside" source told me:
Apparently Sveasoft is currently busy to change the licensing scheme for the firmware. They want to put their own code under "Sveasoft license" which is planned to be Apache license plus the limitation that it mustn't be redistributed until Sveasoft decides to make a public release.
Although GPL code shall stay under GPL I wonder how they intend to seperate it. They compared it to a Linux distribution ISO that has GPL'ed and Non-GPL'ed Software on it.
IMHO this is just another slap into the face of open source supporters. Without source code availablility and with that restriction, there will be no way to use one's GPL-given right to redistribute (neither binary nor source).
We'll see if those speculations are true. I seriously doubt that the FSF would agree with this kind of GPL-code misuse.

News 08-14-2004
Sveasoft Alchemy 5.2.3 was released recently, it appears to be somewhat useable and incorporates Reformed's fix/replacement for PPPoE.
As soon as I get a releaseable copy I will post it, however I'll be on vacation so don't expect any updates soon.

News 08-29-2004
An anonymous contributor just sent me a new firmware file. It is not the "official" 5.2.3 but an offspin from the latest 5.2.3 development CVS.
So basically this is 5.2.3 with a couple of bugfixes. My second source confirmed the MD5-Checksum for this file so it is 100% legit.
Have fun with it!

News 08-31-2004
Great! My DSL ISP canceled my connection because Sveasoft claimed I had tried to hack their servers.
This is of course a blatant lie but at least they didn't give out my adress (Sveasoft had requested it).
Public announcement to James Ewing:
If this defamation of me continues I will report your threats and lies to the authorities.
I am doing nothing illegal here, you are.
On a more positive note I found a hoster for the 5.2.2 source code. Many thanks to dwC :)

News 09-04-2004
As more and more people try the firmware and have trouble with it, a nice guy has setup a forum for us where people can help each other out.
Right now most "support" is done in Yahoo groups but a forum has some advantages over that.
You can find it here, take your time to help others out as well.